If you need junk removal, 1866 OLD JUNK is your number one solution to any of your trash removal needs. We specialize in removing old furniture, metal, wood, boxes of stuff, garbage bags, appliances, sofas and many more household items. We also service businesses and offices where we remove desks, filling cabinets, paper, cardboard and electronics, like printers and computers.

Our junk removal company services many Canadian and U.S cities such as; Chicago, Toronto, Dallas, Vancouver, Montreal, Philadelphia, Houston and Los Angeles.

We also provide trash removal in other U.S cities like; Boston, Denver, San Jose, Los Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco and even Washington.

Remember, we service many other Canadian cities like; Barrie, Mississauga, Ottawa, Edmonton, Hamilton, Calgary, Brampton etc…..


We pride ourselves in providing the best junk removal services

Our trash removal experts will load and haul away your junk to the dump faster and cheaper than our competition.
We will remove your unwanted items from your basement, garage or anywhere else on your property or place of business.
Our junk trucks are able to handle the big jobs. We can load it and dump it, in no time!
We are a friendly and reliable junk removal service.
We offer affordable junk removal and garbage disposal seven days a week.
If you’ve got junk, we are the solution to a clutter and junk free life!
Don’t be fooled. Other junk removal companies operate and provide junk removal with pick up trucks or cargo vans and trick you by advertising a cheaper full load price. They do this because they know it will take more than one full load to remove your junk and it will end up costing you more money to remove it.

Why use us?

  • Our trucks are much larger and can handle any size job.
  • Our rates are affordable.
  • All labor, disposal fees and moving costs are included in our rates.

For affordable junk removal, call      1 866 653 5865

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